afficheCall for proposals 2014

The USIAS call for proposals 2014 is now closed. The selected projects will be announced in June 2014.

Each year USIAS awards between 10 and 20 Fellowships for a period of between three months and two years, to enable the pursuit of original, innovative research projects.

Upcoming events

May 2014 - Tackling the complexity of neuronal connectivity (seminar)
9-10 May 2014 - Historical Economics: Where are we in Cliometrics? (workshop)
19-20 May 2014 - Cholinergic tone: where from, what for? (workshop)
26 June 2014 - Building the North with words - geographies of scientific knowledge (seminar)
19-20 June 2014 - Meta-governance in research and higher education (workshop)
1 October 2014 - Cooperation as a pillar of the biological evolution (colloquium)


USIAS Annual Symposium

On Friday 13 December 2013, USIAS organised its Annual Symposium on the topic Essence in Science. Photos and the programme of the event are available.  

USIAS chairs comment on new Nobel prize

On 9 October 2013, Strasbourg professor Martin Karplus was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013: see the reaction of the two other Nobel Laureates at Strasbourg, USIAS Chairs Jean-Marie-Lehn and Jules Hoffmann and others:

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"Pierre Chambon, Explorer of living matter"

On 28 June 28 2013 the premiere of the documentary "Pierre Chambon, Explorer of living matter" portraying sixty years of path-breaking international research by biologist and geneticist Pierre Chambon (USIAS Chair of Molecular Biology and Genetics; founder of IGBMC and ICS) in Strasbourg:

Teaser - Pierre Chambon, explorateur du vivant.

Jules Hoffman's inaugural conference

Jules Hoffmann (USIAS Chair in Integrative Biology) has been received officially at the Académie Française among the "Immortels", on May 30, 2013 (video in French):







Green campus for Strasbourg

The work on the central campus of the University of Strasbourg is in full swing. No less than 40 000 new plants and 90 new trees will be planted as part of the green park that the campus will become.


President Hollande in Strasbourg

During a visit of the University of Strasbourg on 30 January 2014, the French President met with Nobel Laureates Martin Karplus and Jean-Marie Lehn (USIAS).


Roland Recht, chairman of AIBL

USIAS Chair Roland Recht has been elected chairman of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres.