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Jan van Ruitenbeek

Jan van RuitenbeekJan M. van Ruitenbeek is professor in experimental nanophysics at the Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory of Leiden University in the Netherlands. He studied physics at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, where he also defended his dissertation, on itinerant magnetism in high magnetic fields. From 1985 to 1988 van Ruitenbeek joined the Max Planck Institute at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Grenoble, France. In 1988 Van Ruitenbeek moved to Leiden, where he was appointed on the Gorter Chair in 1999. His research has a focus on electron transport properties of atomic and molecular conductors, and also includes superconductors and low-dimensional materials.

Jan van Ruitenbeek has served as Scientific Director of the Leiden Institute of Physics, and as Scientific Director of the Leiden-Delft Casimir Research School. He has been elected president of the Netherlands Physical Society (NNV) and Fellow of the American Physical Society.

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