Université de Strasbourg

Public lectures

Using the past to serve the present: Is legislation of memory good for democracy? - 22 March 2024
Nikolay Koposov, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

Behind, in front of and around the mirror: Self-recognition in primates - 7 December 2023
James Anderson, Emeritus Professor of psychology, Kyoto University (Japan)

Black People in White Space: Challenges to Civil Society - 22 May 2023
Elijah Anderson, Professor of Sociology and of African American Studies at Yale University (USA)

Morphogens in the ontogeny and phylogeny of cognitive functions - 22 March 2023
Alain Prochiantz, Emeritus Professor in neurobiology at the Collège de France, Paris (France)

Melatonin: prospects and hopes in humans - 30 January 2023
Josephine Arendt, Emeritus Professor of endocrinology at the University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

Lost in a book – on the nature and value of immersive reading - 15 June 2022
Diana Holmes, Professor of French, University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Modernism's Visible Hand: How architecture shaped the modern way of life - 11 February 2020
Michael Osman, Professor of Architectural History, University of California in Los Angeles (USA)

The Spread Mind: A mind-object identity approach to the problem of consciousness - 11 December 2018         
Riccardo Manzotti, Professor of theoretical philosophy, International University of Languages and Media (IULM), Milan (Italy)

Imagining Athens in the Assembly and on the Battlefield - 10 July 2018 
Peter Hunt, Professor of Ancient Greek History, University of Colorado in Boulder (USA)

Making Athens Great Again - 10 July 2018           
Sophie Mills, Professor of Classics, University of North Carolina Asheville (USA)

The Man Who Had an Upside-Down Circadian Clock - 2 July 2018
William Schwartz, Professor of Neurology and Integrative Biology University of Texas at Austin (USA)

Finding truth when most people are wrong - 23 October 2017                   
Drazen Prelec, professor of Management Science and Economics, MIT Sloan School of Management (USA)

From tooth to guts: mechanisms of epithelial renewal and regeneration - 8 September 2017
Ophir Klein, professor of orofacial Sciences and Pediatrics and Human Genetics, University of California, San Francisco (USA)

Entering the Golden Age of Drosophila - 10 May 2017  
Norbert Perrimon, professor of Developmental Biology, Harvard Medical School (USA)

Interactions between humans: Social evaluation by capuchin monkeys - 21 November 2016      
James Anderson, professor of Psychology, Kyoto University (Japan)

Economic crisis, or crisis in economics? - 25 November 2015
Alan Kirman, professor of Economics, University of Aix-Marseille, EHESS (France)

Governing Education: the rise of data - 21 September 2015
Jenny Ozga, professor of sociology of Education, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Lupus and the Brain - 12 May 2015
John Hanly, professor of Medicine and Pathology, Dalhousie University, Halifax (Canada)

A closer look: The globalization of higher education - 17 March 2015
Susan Robertson, Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Bristol (United Kingdom)

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