Université de Strasbourg

Public lecture - Melatonin: perspectives and hopes for humans

January 30, 2023
From 18:00 until 19:00
Amphithéatre 3A, Institut Le Bel, Strasbourg

By Professor Josephine Arendt, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

Venue: Amphithéatre A3, Institut Le Bel

Melatonin is a special hormone with a time-telling function in all animal species. By its rhythmic and nocturnal secretion, it indicates the night and is considered the best indicator of internal circadian timing. It is currently freely sold as a food supplement, but some validated pharmacological preparations are now also available, in particular for certain circadian conditions such as sleep disorders. What are the benefits and limitations of its use? And could it have other therapeutic uses?

The lecture is organised by NEUREX in collaboration with USIAS.

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