Université de Strasbourg

Fellows seminars

Re-wiring the brain: Growing neurons with silk nanofibers
1st USIAS Fellows seminar

2 October 2013

Michael Reber
USIAS Fellow 2012

Social networks: Information and health trade-offs
2nd USIAS Fellows seminar

17 February 2013 

Cédric Sueur
USIAS Fellow 2012

The origins of chemical elements: new ways of studying clustering in nuclei
3rd USIAS Fellows Seminar

13 March 2014

David Jenkins
USIAS Fellow 2013

Value Creation Through Resource Redeployability
4th USIAS Fellows seminar

1 April 2014

Timothy Folta
USIAS Fellow 2012
Tackling the complexity of neuronal connectivity: from lab experiments to mathematical modelling
5th USIAS Fellows seminar
28 May 2014 Stephen Eglen (USIAS Fellow 2013)  

Notions of the North: Geographies of scientific knowledge in European philologies 1850–1950
6th USIAS Fellows seminar

4 July 2014

Joachim Grage, Thomas Mohnike, (USIAS-FRIAS fellows 2013)  
A novel infection paradigm
7th USIAS Fellows seminar
16 October 2014 Dominique Ferrandon (USIAS Fellow 2012)
New catalytic supports for a greener and more selective chemistry
8th USIAS Fellows seminar
14 November 2014 Vincent Ritleng (USIAS Fellow 2012)
Innovation and Creativity Management
9th USIAS Fellows seminar
17 December 2014 Thierry Burger-Helmchen, Isabelle Billard, (USIAS 2013)
Soft Robotics
10th USIAS Fellows seminar
28 January 2015 Matteo Mauro (USIAS Fellow 2013)
Derived plant-viruses and cancer treatment
11th USIAS Fellows seminar
9 February 2015 Manfred Heinlein (USIAS Fellow 2012)
Economic Growth and Gender Equality
12th USIAS Fellows seminar
12 March 2015 Claude Diebolt (USIAS Fellow 2012)
The origin of animal magnetic sense
13th USIAS Fellows seminar
15 April 2015 Hervé Cadiou (USIAS Fellow 2013)
Emergence of the individual in urban China
14th USIAS Fellows seminar
22 May 2015 Pierre Miège (USIAS Fellow 2014)
The animal origin of leadership
15th USIAS Fellows seminar
24 June 2015 Odile Petit (USIAS Fellow 2013)
Ancient Greek war writing: Why is it still interesting and how can it be useful?
16th USIAS Fellows seminar
17 September 2015 Edith Foster (USIAS Fellow 2014)
Pathways for pain therapy
17th USIAS Fellows seminar
29 September 2015 Matilde Cordero-Erasquin (USIAS Fellow 2013)
Accumulation and stabilisation of Provitamine A
18th USIAS Fellows seminar
18 November 2015 Peter Beyer, Philippe Hugueney (USIAS Fellows 2013)
(Re)thinking religious in the plural: towards diversification of religious landscapes
19th USIAS Fellows seminar
22 January 2016 Lionel Obadia (USIAS Fellow 2014)
The informal Europeanization of sport
20th USIAS Fellows seminar
10 February 2016 William Gasparini (USIAS Fellow 2014)
Antiviral innate immunity
21st USIAS Fellows seminar
29 March 2016 Jean-Luc Imler (USIAS Fellow 2014)

Public Spending in classical democratic Athens
22nd USIAS Fellows seminar

20 April 2016 David Pritchard (USIAS Fellow 2015)
Precursors of "Theory of Mind"
23rd USIAS Fellows seminar
25 May 2016 Hélène Meunier (USIAS Fellow 2014)
Connection of Nanotubes and Fullerenes
24th USIAS Fellows seminar
15 June 2016 Alex Adronov (USIAS Fellow 2015)
Atomic Electron Tomography: 3D Structures without Crystals
25th USIAS Fellows seminar
9 September 2016 Jianwei (John) Miao (USIAS Fellow 2015)

Towards a membrane penetrating copper shuttle
26th USIAS Fellows seminar

18 October 2016 Peter Faller (USIAS Fellow 2015)
Books and scientific libraries in National-Socialist Europe
27th USIAS Fellows seminar
15 November 2016 Catherine Maurer (USIAS Fellow 2015)
How Magnetism Changed the World Three Times
28th USIAS Fellows seminar
12 December 2016 Michael Coey (USIAS Fellow 2014)
Fusion reactions in massive stars: the secret of life
29th USIAS Fellows seminar
19 January 2017 Sandrine Courtin (USIAS Fellow 2015)
Soldiers out of control? An entangled history of accidents
30th USIAS Fellows seminar
14 March 2017 Anne Rasmussen, Peter Itzen (USIAS-FRIAS Fellows 2015)

In remembrance of slavery: Tchamba Vodun
31st USIAS seminar

7 April 2017 Dana Rush (USIAS Fellow 2014)

Oxytocin and pain
32nd USIAS Fellows seminar

15 May 2017 Alexandre Charlet (USIAS Fellow 2015)
The battle against fungal epidemics - engineered yeast
33rd USIAS Fellows seminar
22 June 2017 Fabrice Jossinet (USIAS Fellow 2015)
Investissements d'Avenir