Université de Strasbourg

Fellows seminars

Aggée Célestin Lomo Myazhiom & Frédéric Reichhart (2018 Fellows), 20 June 2019
Systems of social representation of disability in Haiti, between invisibility and burden

Alan Kirman (2017 Fellow), 14 May 2019
The Great Illusion: there is no Invisible Hand

Alexandre Kostka (2015 Fellow), 25 April 2019
Strasbourg, laboratory of modernity.New perspectives on a shared "German" past: a research project and its development.

Ursula Apitzsch (2017 Fellow), 29 March 2019
Are we living in a post-migrant society? Generational experiences among the descendants of immigrant families

Florian Banhart & Thomas La Grange  (2017 Fellows), 13 February 2019
Small and fast: how we can observe rapid movements at the nanoscale in an ultrafast electron microscope

Moreno Andreatta (2017 Fellow), 16 January 2019
The music of mathematics

Shannon Whitlock (2017 Fellow), 14 December 2018
Creating, controlling and understanding complex quantum matter with ultracold atoms

Isabelle Hoog Naginski (2018 Fellow), 26 October 2018
George Sand and the Poetics of Genius

David Hicks & Maarten Kamermans  (2015 Fellows), 26 June 2018
Seeing double? The twin functions of vision

Gaëlle Blond (2015 Fellow), 5 June 2018
How to make complex molecules from simple materials

Jean Schmittbuhl (2015 Fellow), 17 May 2018
Can we predict the next major earthquake in the Marmara Sea?

Stéphane Gasman (2015 Fellow), 21 February 2018
Cell secretion deregulation in neuroendocrine tumors

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