Université de Strasbourg

Joint Natural Sciences Fellows Seminar

October 14, 2021
From 12:30 until 14:30
Strasbourg (FR)

In this first-time joint Natural Sciences USIAS Fellows seminar, four fellows will report on their research, which is path-breaking in each of their respective different areas. 

Cyriaque Genet (ISIS) will present his research on the still mysterious phenomenon of chirality, the asymmetric nature of many biomolecules affecting fundamental interactions both in optics and chemistry, and will show how analyzing this in terms of thermodynamics can provide a better understanding.

Guido Pupillo (ISIS) will report on his and Nikolay Prokof'ev's research to explore new, exotic phases of matter and its possibly unprecedented properties, examining the potential of a large variety of unusual quantum phases, including conducting phases that are not superfluid at all.

Bertrand Dupé (University of Liège, hosted by IPCMS) will present his research on the possibility of writing and storing information without flow of matter, with light and spins of the electron (rather than the charge) acting as the information medium, which will considerably accelerate the speed of information and crucially reduce energy consumption. 

Adrian-Mihail Stadler (ISIS) will report on the development of oligo- and polymeric molecular machines able to perform several types of stimuli-induced motions, which can provide new materials and tools with unprecedented versatility and functional mobility.


Please click here to find the programme and summaries of the presentations.

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