Université de Strasbourg

Governing Board

The Institute is governed by a Governing Board consisting of the assembly of permanent Chairs at USIAS. The Board meets several times a year, oversees the different calls for proposals and the external peer review process, and decides on all aspects of governance. The Vice-President for Research of the University of Strasbourg is a permanent guest in meetings of the Governing Board. In addition, associated chairs at USIAS are invited as guests to the meetings of the Governing Board. The Director of the Institute holds a permanent Chair at USIAS and is member of the Governing Board. The Secretary of the Board is a member of the Board who replaces the Director when needed.



Professor Thomas Ebbesen
Tel. : +33 3 68 85 51 17
Email : ebbesen@unistra.fr

Secretary of the Board

Professor Sylviane Muller
Email: sylviane.muller@unistra.fr

France 2030