Université de Strasbourg


Permanent chairs

Nalini Anantharaman - Chair of Mathematics
Pierre Chambon - Chair of Molecular Genetics and Biology
Thomas Ebbesen - Chair of Physical Chemistry of Light-Matter Interactions, Director of USIAS
Jules Hoffmann - Chair of Integrative Biology
Georges Kleiber - Chair of Language Sciences
David Le Breton - Chair of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds
Jean-Marie Lehn - Chair of Chemistry of Complex Systems
Jean-Louis Mandel - Chair of Human Genetics
Jacques Marescaux - Chair of Image-Guided Mini-Invasive Surgery
Sylviane Muller - Chair of Therapeutic Immunology
Roland Recht - Chair of Art Historiography
Jean-Pierre Sauvage - Chair of Chemical Topology and Molecular Machines, Honorary Chair

Associated chairs


Mariano Giménez

Pr. Mariano Giménez

Chair of Percutaneous Surgery

Clément Sanchez

Pr. Clément Sanchez

Chair of Chemistry of Ultradivided Matter


Former Associated Chairs

Guido CostamagnaGuido Costamagna

Chair in Digestive Endoscopy


Philippe Horvath

Philippe Horvath

Chair in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Honorary Chair



Investissements d'Avenir