Université de Strasbourg

Documentary viewing: To the Heart of the Social Network

16 March 2022

By Mike Goad at Pixabay

On Monday 21 March 2022, the documentary "To the Heart of the Social Network: Neighbourhood quarrels of the Columbian Ground Squirrel," which won Best Science Film 2021 award at the Green Screens Film Festival, will be screened. 

This documentary shows the research of 2018 USIAS Fellow Steve Dobson, his Strasbourg host, Vincent Viblanc, and their team on the social relationships, behaviour, health, and aging of a Columbian ground squirrel population in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Years of scientific observation and measurement have led to a better understanding of the complex trade-offs of social relationships and their various effects, offering important insights for all social animals, including human society 

The screening will be preceded by an introduction from the researchers and the documentary's director, Aurélien Prudor of Wild Talks, and followed by a discussion.


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