Université de Strasbourg

Documentary screening: To the heart of the social network

March 21, 2022
From 18:00 until 20:00
Salle de conférence, MISHA

Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

Living in a group usually provides many benefits, but it also causes stress. Social relations can be a great support, increasing chances of survival; but they can also be a source of social friction. USIAS Fellow Steve Dobson and his Strasbourg host Vincent Viblanc are principal investigators in a unique research project studying social relations, behaviour, health and aging in a population of Columbian ground squirrels in the wild rather than in a lab. Years of scientific observation and measurements have resulted in a deeper understanding of the complex trade-offs of social relations and their various effects, offering important insights for all social animals, including human society. 

The research team was followed by film-maker Aurélien Prudor, resulting in the documentary “To the heart of the social network: Neighbourhood quarrels of the Columbian ground squirrel", which won the Best Science Film 2021 Award at the Green Screen Film Festival. 

On Monday 21 March 2022, this documentary will be screened, accompanied by an introduction from the researchers and the maker of the documentary, followed by a discussion. This event is organised in collaboration with the 15th edition of the Ecology & Behaviour Encounters, a successful event series organised by graduate students that will take place in Strasbourg this year.


Teaser - To the heart of the social network from Aurélien Prudor - Wild Talks on Vimeo.


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