Université de Strasbourg

Looking back and looking forward - David Le Breton

06 September 2022

Photo - C. Schröder/Unistra

After a 50-year career, David Le Breton, USIAS Chair of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Strasbourg, turns the page.

On the occasion of his retirement, Professor Le Breton was interviewed for the university's daily Savoir(s) (Knowledge(s)), to recall the highlights of his career and discuss his plans for what promises to be an active retirement. As a tribute, the colloquium "Corps, identité(s) et sociétés" will be held from 8 to 9 September 2022 and will be enhanced by various events in the days before and after. The colloquium, which is based on his work, will bring together some sixty presentations by teacher-researchers from the different continents of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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