Université de Strasbourg

International Colloquium - Bodies, Identity(ies) and Societies

From September 8, 2022 until September 9, 2022
From 08:00 until 20:00
MISHA, Strasbourg (FR)

Bodies, Identity(ies) and Societies
Around David Le Breton

This multidisciplinary international conference in the humanities and social sciences, based on the work of David Le Breton, aims to explore bodies and their anchorage in societies, "traditional" practices and their adaptations, systems of thought and beliefs, imaginary and bodily experiences, metamorphoses and techno-scientific mutations, social interactions and uses, care and the arts, ethical issues and freedoms, vulnerabilities and deficiencies, reconfigurations and adjustments...

Registration is now closed. The plenary sessions will be broadcast live on the MISHA youtube channel.

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