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Frédéric Vandenberghe


Frédéric Vandenberghe is a professor of sociology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where he also directs the Sociofilo Laboratory of Social Theory. He is a member of MAUSS. A specialist in sociological theory, he publishes in English, French and Portuguese on the history of ideas and various aspects of the theory of contemporary society.

In French, he has published Une histoire critique de la sociologie allemande (1997-1998), La sociologie de Georg Simmel (2001), Complexités du posthumanisme (2006), (with A. Caillé) Pour une nouvelle sociologie classique (2015) and (with M. Archer) Le Réalisme critique. Une nouvelle ontologie pour la sociologie (2019). In English, he published A Philosophical History of German Sociology (2009), What’s Critical about Critical Realism? (2014) and co-authored with Alain Caillé For a New Classic Sociology (2021).

During his stay in Strasbourg he will give a lecture at the international colloquium Bodies, Identity(ies) and Societies and a presentation at the seminar Issues in sociology

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