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David Le Breton

Chair of Anthropology of Contemporary Worlds

David Le BretonDavid Le Breton is a professor of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Strasbourg, member of the Institut Universitaire de France, and researcher at the Laboratory of Cultures and Societies in Europe. His research focuses on representations of the human body and the analysis of risk behavior. In addition he worked and published about topics such as pain, silence, and the face.

David Le Breton has written 23 books, including the influential Anthropologie du corps et modernité, of which the first edition was published by the Presse Universitaire de France (1990). Recent publications are Expériences de la douleur. Entre destruction et renaissance (2010), Eclats de Voix. Une anthropologie des voix (2011) and Marcher. Eloge des chemins et de la lenteur (2012). He was editor of 12 books, and has published 145 book chapters and 120 peer reviewed articles. He is member of the editorial board of more than 15 scientific journals, and is member of numerous other committees. His books have been published in 50 translations in 12 different languages.

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