Université de Strasbourg


Graphene nano-Optomechanics: bridging the gap between eLementary Excitations and macroscopic Motion

USIAS Fellows : Stéphane Berciaud and Pierre Verlot
Post-doc: Dominik Metten

Graphene, as a two-dimensional material with unique electronic, optical and mechanical properties, represents an outstanding platform to explore new opto-electromechanical interactions. Our project aims at developing a novel experimental approach, combining state of the art know-how in graphene science, nanomechanics, optomechanics, and quantum photonics, in order to investigate and control the (yet unexplored) quantum nano-optomechanical dynamics of graphene.

The heart of the project relies on the design and imple- mentation of novel, ultra-sensitive nano-optomechanical measurement methods that make it possible to address the graphene acousto-optical dynamics in real-time and close to the photon-counting regime. This system will enable the investigation of the fundamental links between the microscopic and macroscopic vibrational states of graphene, tackling a number of primary questions such as the identification, the origin and the control of quantum decoherence processes at the macroscopic level.

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