Université de Strasbourg

Dynamical tomography

Dynamical electron tomography at the atomic scale,

USIAS Fellows : Ovidiu Ersen and John Miao
Post-doc: Georgian Melinte

The development of applications based on nanomaterials calls for ever-more efficient characterization tools. This project aims at gaining the ability to follow, at the atomic scale, the “in situ” evolution of nanoparticles placed under realistic environments. A strong collaboration between the 3D-TEM group of IPCMS and Coherent Imaging Group at UCLA will be able to reach this goal, combining the Strasbourg expertise in the field of in situ environmental microscopy and electron tomography with UCLA's expertise in the field of tomographic studies at the atomic scale. In order to follow the time evolution of a nanoparticle placed under reactive conditions needs, for instance, to dramatically decrease the recording duration of the images series and to align these images with a atomic precision. This will be achieved through the combined effort of the two groups in Strasbourg and Los Angeles to implement specific recording and reconstruction procedures. We plan to study the evolution of single metallic or core-shell nanoparticles dedicated to potential plasmonic applications as model materials.


France 2030