Université de Strasbourg

DNA repair

The role of 3D genome organization in DNA repair

Fellow USIAS : Evi Soutoglou
Post-doc: Alkmini Kalousi

The integrity of our genome is constantly challenged by various assaults leading to DNA lesions that may cause mutations and chromosomal rearrangements. DNA repair occurs in the highly compartmentalized nucleus. Recent literature provides some evidence that nonrandom global genome organization is a key factor in genome maintenance. We want o understand the functional relationship between DNA repair efficiency and previously defined 3D-topological maps of distinct chromatin domains. To this end, we will use two complementary approaches to induce and map DNA breaks in human and mouse genomes and evaluate how these are sensed and repaired over time and to determine whether DNA repair efficiency and robustness is related to specific 3D genomic locations of DNA lesions. Greater knowledge of the role of 3D genome organization in regulating DNA repair efficiency and pathway choice will reveal the regions of the genome that are susceptible to genomic instability.

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