Université de Strasbourg

Books and libraries

Books and scientific libraries in National-Socialist Europe

USIAS Fellow : Catherine Maurer

The research project focuses on the territories controlled by Nazi Germany but distinct from the "Altreich", like Alsace. The study of archival fonds and of specialized documentary sources can provide answers to various questions: were German authorities' policies the same in Germany strictly speaking as in occupied territories? Were practices regarding books and scientific libraries identical from one territory to the other? Were libraries given the possibility of fulfilling their role in the development of scientific knowledge? Researchers will study the way Nazi Germany dealt with existing collections (its preservation, relegation and destruction policies...), as well as its acquisition policies (legal or illegal purchases, confiscations, looting...), which have been at the centre of recent scholarly investigations while also attracting the interest of the mainstream. The project entails convening researchers for several international conferences or seminars, the enhancement of a documentary collection and the preparation of a summary volume.

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