Université de Strasbourg


Nietzsche, from the Philology to the Philosophy

USIAS Fellow: Anne Merker
Post-doc: Nicolas Quérini

The project, Nietzsche, from the Philology to the Philosophy, consists in the establishment of a collective enterprise to enhance French language translations of the works of Nietzsche, with whom intellectual history has associated (correctly or not) the tragic destiny of Europe in the 20th century. Although many translations of his works are available in French, those which concern the so-called philology are neglected. Yet these works are those in which is revealed the exceptional scholarly proficiency in philology of a thinker that posterity tends to retain only under the figure of the philosopher. It is, however, at the classical Greek and Latin origins of European humanism that Nietzsche drew his most important inspirations and his singular position in regard to European history.

The first volume in the series Nietzsche : Écrits philologiques, edited by Anne Merker and Paolo D'Iorio, was released by Les Belles Lettres in 2019. More information in this news story.

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