Université de Strasbourg

Portrait of Frédéric Colin, USIAS Marc Bloch Chair

15 June 2023

The first holder of the USIAS Marc Bloch Chair, Frédéric Colin, is director of the Institute of Egyptology and curator of the Egyptian collection at the University of Strasbourg.

In a recent interview, he talks about why he chose Egyptology, the inherent multidisciplinary nature of his research and its challenges in a system that is organised along disciplinary lines, and how he is pioneering new methods and technologies, opening up new horizons in the field.


Professor Colin delivered his Inaugural Lecture as Marc Bloch Chair on 1 June 2023, entitled “From sandy Bahariya to the gilded court of Thebes: An interdisciplinary pathway in Egyptology”. Read more about the topic of the lecture, or watch the video (in French):

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