Université de Strasbourg

Portrait of Brigitte Kieffer, USIAS Paul Ehrlich Chair

15 June 2023

Brigitte Kieffer, who has been awarded the first USIAS Paul Ehrlich Chair, is a research director at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) at the Strasbourg Centre for Biomedical Research (CRBS).

Her pioneering work on opiate receptors paved the way to understanding the analgesic and addictive effects of substances such as morphine, exploring among other things whether it may be possible to retain the unparalleled pain-killing effect of opiates while avoiding the addictive features. Today, she aspires to understand the long-term effects that exposure to opiates has on neural networks and is committed to improving dialogue between the fields of biology and psychiatry.


On 1 June 2023, Professor Kieffer gave her Paul Ehrlich Chair Inaugural Lecture “The brain on opiates: for better and for worse”. Read more about the topic of the lecture, or watch the video:

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