Université de Strasbourg

2023 CNRS Bronze Medal for Amparo Ruiz Carretero

21 April 2023

Amparo Ruiz Carretero, a 2020 USIAS Fellow based at the Charles Sadron Institute (ICS) in Strasbourg, has been awarded a 2023 CNRS bronze medal, which is bestowed to promising young researchers in recognition of initial work in the field.

Dr. Ruiz Carretero is in charge of the SYCOMMOR team that is dedicated to the synthesis and study of materials for organic electronics. With Shu Seki, professor of physical chemistry of condensed matter at Kyoto University (Japan), she is responsible for the USIAS project Guiding charge carriers through chiral assemblies.


Each year, the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) rewards researchers as part of its Talents initiative. Six different types of medals are awarded to researchers and officials for their exceptional contributions to the vitality and reputation of the CNRS.

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