Université de Strasbourg

2020 Nemmers Prize in mathematics awarded to Nalini Anantharaman

19 November 2020

Nalini Anantharaman, Chair of Mathematics at USIAS and full professor at the University of Strasbourg's Institute for Advanced Mathematical Research (IRMA), has been awarded the 2020 Frederic Esser Nemmers Prize in Mathematics. The prize is awarded by Northwestern University (Chicago, US) and recognizes achievement and work of lasting significance in the field of mathematics.

The French mathematician, Nalini Anantharaman, was selected “for her profound contributions to microlocal analysis and mathematical physics, in particular to problems of localization and delocalization of eigenfunctions”. She studies quantum chaos, dynamical systems and the Schrödinger equation and, more recently, harmonic analysis on large graphs. She has received several major awards, including the 2012 Henri Poincaré Prize, the Salem Prize, the Grand Prix Jacques Herbrand and the Infosys Prize.

The Nemmers Prizes, also awarded in the disciplines of earth sciences, economics, medical science, and music composition, are given every other year and carry a $200 000 stipend. The stipends are made possible through bequests from Erwin Nemmers, a former faculty member in the Kellogg School of Management from 1957 to 1986 and his brother, Frederic Nemmers, to Northwestern.

The two other prize recipients in 2020 are Katherine Freeman for earth sciences and Claudia Goldin for economics. Each will receive a stipend and will interact with Northwestern faculty and students through lectures, conferences or seminars.


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