Université de Strasbourg

Paper published in Nature Communications for GOLEM team

01 December 2020

Nature Communications has just published a paper dealing with the coupling between the quantized microscopic vibrations and the macroscopic oscillations of an atomically thin membrane, made from a graphene monolayer. This fundamental work holds promise for the development of 2D-systems with mechanically tunable light-matter interactions.

The article is based on the work Xin Zhang, Kevin Makles and Dominik Metten (post-doctoral researchers), Pierre Verlot and Stéphane Berciaud (2015 Fellows), as part of their USIAS project "GOLEM: graphene nano-optomechanics: bridging the gap between elementary excitations and macroscopic motion" that ran from 2015 to 2019. The core of the project consisted in designing and then implementing new methods of ultrasensitive nano-optomechanical measurements, in order to probe the acousto-optic dynamics of graphene in real-time and in the vicinity of a photon-counting regime.



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