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05 June 2019 Our fellows Aggée Célestin Lomo Myazhiom and Frédéric Reichhart in Haiti

As part of their project The social treatment and systems of representation of disability in Haiti (2018-2020), Aggée Célestin Lomo Myazhiom and Frédéric Reichhart have visited Haiti twice this year...[more]

31 May 2019 Conversation with Roland Recht

Roland Recht is Emeritus Professor at the Collège de France, member of the Institut de France and holds the Chair of Historiography of Art at USIAS. He is the author of over 200 articles on art in...[more]

07 May 2019 Moreno Andreatta codes music with maths

A science and music festival will take place from the 6-12 May 2019 in the Alsatian village of Bischwiller, France, within the framework of Alsasciences (science in Alsace). Moreno Andreatta, who is...[more]

16 April 2019 Sarton medal 2018-2019 awarded to Claude Diebolt

Claude Diebolt, 2012 USIAS Fellow, received the Sarton medal 2018-2019 for economics and management science for his research in the domain of Cliometrics. Since 1984, Ghent University (Belgium)...[more]

03 April 2019 Gutenberg Chair for Stephen Dobson

In December 2018, USIAS Fellow Stephen Dobson was awarded a Gutenberg Chair. Each year, a select number Gutenberg Chairs are awarded to eminent academics from outside of Strasbourg. The Gutenberg...[more]

28 March 2019 2019 cohort of USIAS Fellows appointed

USIAS is delighted to announce that 15 Fellows have been appointed within 12 Fellowship projects selected in 2019. For a duration of 3 to 24 months, Fellowships foster original, ambitious, high...[more]

20 February 2019 Georges Kleiber receives honorary doctorate

Georges Kleiber, USIAS Chair of Language Sciences, has been awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa by Moldova State University during a ceremony in Chisinau on the 15th of March 2019. Throughout his career,...[more]

06 February 2019 2018 Grand Prix for chemists Thomas Ebbesen and Susumu Kitagawa

The 2018 Grand Prix of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie has been conjointly awarded for the impact of their research on materials science to Professor Thomas Ebbesen, professor of physical...[more]

09 January 2019 Infosys prize for Nalini Anantharaman

Professor Nalini Anantharaman has been awarded the 2018 Infosys prize from the Infosys Science Foundation for her work related to “Quantum Chaos” in the category of the mathematical sciences. Nalini...[more]

21 December 2018 Pierre Chambon receives 2018 Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize

The 2018 Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize has been awarded by Columbia University to Pierre Chambon, Ronald M. Evans, and Bert W. O’Malley “for their discoveries of how steroid hormones regulate the...[more]

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