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20 January 2021 Sylviane Muller: promotion within Legion of Honour, new Strasbourg Drug Discovery and Development Institute

On the 1st of January 2021, Sylviane Muller was promoted as Officer of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour and took up the position as director of the new Strasbourg Drug Discovery and...[more]

01 December 2020 Paper published in Nature Communications for GOLEM team

Nature Communications has just published a paper dealing with the coupling between the quantized microscopic vibrations and the macroscopic oscillations of an atomically thin membrane, made from a...[more]

19 November 2020 2020 Nemmers Prize in mathematics awarded to Nalini Anantharaman

Nalini Anantharaman, Chair of Mathematics at USIAS and full professor at the University of Strasbourg's Institute for Advanced Mathematical Research (IRMA), has been awarded the 2020 Frederic Esser...[more]

18 November 2020 Carbon burning in massive stars – new findings from the STELLA team

The STELLA experiment team, including former USIAS Fellows Sandrine Courtin and David Jenkins, recently published research in Physical Review Letters indicating that the fusion of carbon (12C + 12C...[more]

26 October 2020 Jean Monnet Chair for William Gasparini, 2013 Fellow

The European Commission has awarded a second Jean Monnet Chair to William Gasparini, 2013 Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Strasbourg (USIAS). The chair is entitled...[more]

12 June 2020 Call for proposals for 2021 USIAS Fellowships

The call for proposals for 2021 USIAS Fellowships has been launched. USIAS welcomes applications from outstanding advanced researchers as well as promising young scholars from all countries and...[more]

10 June 2020 Nature article on wall-less liquid ‘magnetic antitubes’ involving three fellows

Nature has just published an article on Liquid flow and control without solid walls. It is based on work by a trio of USIAS Fellows, Michael Coey, Bernard Doudin and Thomas Hermans - who had a joint...[more]

01 May 2020 Virologist João Marques responds to the COVID-19 epidemic

These are unprecedented times for the world, including for those working in research. Research laboratories have had to close, with experiments aborted or postponed, tissue collection and analysis to...[more]

15 April 2020 New USIAS Fellows 2020

USIAS is pleased to announce the 2020 selection of 15 new Fellows, who will be working on 13 Fellowship projects over the next years. USIAS Fellowships are awarded to excellent researchers from...[more]

04 May 2020 David Le Breton reflects on the COVID-19 crisis

What are the effects of this unprecedented period of the COVID-19 epidemic on our social relations and on the way we experience the world, with social distancing and confinement, being isolated and...[more]

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