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Past events

Fellows seminar - Playing evolution, or learning to live without (really) important proteins

November 24, 2022
From 15:30 until 17:00
MISHA, Strasbourg

By Alexandre Smirnov, 2020 Fellow Everyone has now heard of RNA (ribonucleic acid). It is an essential part of gene expression in all living beings, from bacteria to humans. The existence and...[more]

Meeting - Minoritised? Stigmatised populations, issues and forms of re-recognition in France

From November 24, 2022 until November 25, 2022
From 09:00 until 15:30
Salle de conférence, MISHA, Strasbourg

In France, the issue of minority groups seems to be more instrumentalized than truly addressed. It struggles to find a place in both public and academic spaces. In both cases, the spectre of...[more]

Annual Symposium 2022 - Racism and antisemitism today: the old… and the new

November 17, 2022
From 14:30 until 16:30
Salle de conférence, ISIS, Strasbourg

The keynote speaker for the 2022 symposium is the sociologist Michel Wieviorka (EHESS, Paris), well known for his research on social and cultural movements, democracy and conflict, as well as on...[more]

Fellows seminar - The right to healthy and sustainable food

October 11, 2022
From 12:00 until 14:00
MISHA, Strasbourg

By Élisabeth Lambert, 2020 Fellow The question about the existence of a right to healthy and sustainable food in Europe is not easy to answer. Not only because we may have difficulties in agreeing...[more]

Colloquium "Habitabilities: architecture, city and nature in the era of the anthropocene

From October 5, 2022 until October 7, 2022
From 18:00 until 18:00
Strasbourg, France

The global depletion of resources, whether material, civic or ideological, is leading us dangerously into a crisis of habitability, the consequences of which we are already perceiving and...[more]

Joint Fellows seminar - The role of the circadian clock

September 15, 2022
From 15:00 until 17:00
MISHA, Strasbourg

By Atish Mukherji and Tsvetan Serchov Both these 2020 Fellows work on different aspects of the circadian clock. They will present their respective research during a joint seminar, with two separate...[more]

Symposium on Condensed Conjugation

From September 12, 2022 until September 13, 2022
Strasbourg (FR)

A collaborative Strasbourg-Japan USIAS symposium on Condensed Conjugation will be held in Strasbourg from 12-13 September 2022. The symposium is funded by USIAS, the Interdisciplinary Thematic...[more]

International Colloquium - Bodies, Identity(ies) and Societies

From September 8, 2022 until September 9, 2022
From 08:00 until 20:00
MISHA, Strasbourg (FR)

Bodies, Identity(ies) and SocietiesAround David Le Breton This multidisciplinary international conference in the humanities and social sciences, based on the work of David Le Breton, aims to explore...[more]












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