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Past events

Lecture by Serge Haroche during International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP)

From July 1, 2024 until July 6, 2024
Palais de la Musique et des Congrès - Place de Bordeaux, Strasbourg

Professor Serge Haroche, from the Collège de France and the École normale supérieure of Paris, will give a public lecture on Saturday 6 July 2024, entitled “The usefulness of useless knowledge:...[more]

Lecture - The Lady of Elephantine

June 27, 2024
From 20:00 until 23:00
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (US)

As part of the Charles K. Wilkinson Lecture Series "Feminizing the Landscape: The Female Form in the Ancient Near East, Egypt, and the Islamic World", Professor Frédéric Colin is one of the three...[more]

Book, codex and portable library: manuscript 2119 of Strasbourg's National and University Library

June 18, 2024
From 14:30 until 17:00
Salle de formation, BNU, Strasbourg

By Marie-Sophie Winter, 2023 Fellow Followed by a guided tour of the Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire (BNU). The seminar will be bilingual in French and English. From April 2024 to April...[more]

International Colloquium - Queer Antiquity: History, Reception, Creation

From May 22, 2024 until May 24, 2024
Strasbourg (FR)

The colloquium and a doctoral workshop are organised by Sandra Boehringer (Archaeology and Ancient History: Mediterranean-Europe - ArcHiMedE) and Todd Reeser (University of Pittsburgh, USA and 2021...[more]

Fellows Seminar - France’s first vaccine campaign

May 21, 2024
From 12:00 until 14:30
MISHA, Strasbourg

By Meghan Roberts, 2023 Fellow In the 18th century, smallpox was one of Europe’s deadliest and most feared diseases. Inspired by Turkish and African practitioners, Europeans had practiced...[more]

Exchanges on the book by Petros Stangos - The making of European social jurisprudence

May 14, 2024
From 17:00 until 19:00
Agora, Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg (FR)

During his Fellowship at USIAS, Professor Petros Stangos worked on a book project entitled ‘In the making of the European social jurisprudence - the 'collective complaints' decisions of the European...[more]

Fellows Seminar - Biocrystallography: from the DNA double helix to molecular cinema

April 11, 2024
From 15:00 until 16:30
MISHA, Strasbourg

By Claude Sauter, 2021 Fellow Since the 1960s, crystallography has made a decisive contribution to the development of molecular biology thanks to its ability to reveal the innermost secrets of...[more]

Public lecture: Memory laws - Using the past to serve the present

March 22, 2024
From 15:00 until 16:30
Salle de conférence, ISIS, Strasbourg (FR)

Nikolay Koposov The speaker, Nikolay Koposov, is a Distinguished Professor of the Practice in the School of History and Sociology and the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the...[more]












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