Université de Strasbourg

Symposium - PerceptiO: Perception and the living

From November 17, 2021 until November 20, 2021
Strasbourg (FR)

The University of Strasbourg (France), through its Linguistics, Languages and Speech Research Unit 1339 LiLPa, as well as Georges Kleiber's USIAS Chair of Language Sciences (University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study), and the University of Haute-Alsace (France), through its Institute for Research in European Languages and Literatures Research Unit 4363 ILLE, will host the symposium “PerceptiO: Perception and the living” from the 17th to the 20th of November 2021, in Alsace.

The symposium, which will bring together specialists from all horizons (both in terms of continents and fields of specialisation), will be devoted to perception and the living, a theme that will have to be tackled under its various disciplinary seams, whether they fall within the commonly accepted classification established since the 20th century in the Sciences (formal, physical, life, social) or that of the Arts (architecture, sculpture, visual arts, music, literature, performing arts, cinema).

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