Université de Strasbourg

Public conference - Food challenges in all their states: insights from lawyers

February 6, 2023
From 14:00 until 19:00
Amphitheatre, Collège Doctoral Européen, 46 boulevard de la Victoire, Strasbourg

One of the urgent issues that ecological transition requires us to address is to rethink our food systems. The challenges are immense, since food raises questions about our production and consumption systems, as well as all the intermediate stages "from farm to fork".

Without claiming to be exhaustive, this public conference, bringing together eminent French and foreign lawyers, will cover different aspects ranging from the question of seeds, agricultural policies and the market to the concrete implementation of access to healthy and sustainable food, mainly in France but also in other European states. This conference intends to question current standards in order to reinvent agri-food systems in Europe.

Hybrid event in French. No registration fee - mandatory registration.

The conference is organised by Élisabeth Lambert, 2020 USIAS Fellow and director of research of the CNRS - the French National Centre for Scientific Research (SAGE, University of Strasbourg).

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