Université de Strasbourg

Course of the Doctoral School of Physics and Chemical Physics: Interface of Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics

From February 10, 2014 until February 11, 2014
IPHC, Strasbourg

On 10 and 11 February, a serie of courses will be held at the IPHC in the frame of the Doctoral School of Physics and Chemical Physics (ED 182). Courses will be given by:

  • P. Descouvemont
    Professor, Free University of Brussels, author of ‘Theoretical Models for Nuclear Astrophysics’ (Nova, 2004) chapters in ‘Clusters in Nuclei’ (Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, 2012, 2013)

  • F.K. Thielemann
    Professor at the University of Basel, formerly at the University of Harvard, author of major publications in the domain and laureate of the Hans Bethe Prize (2008)

  • D.G. Jenkins
    Professor at York University, USIAS Fellow 2013, author of chapters in "Clusters in Nuclei" (Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, 2013)

  • G. Lotay
    Lecturer at the University of Surrey (London), education of Physics and Astrophysics

Courses will be held at the Grünewald lecture-hall (see programme) and are open to everyone.
Contact : Sandrine COURTIN

More information here.

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