Université de Strasbourg

Colloquium - Perception in Language and Discourse

From June 21, 2023 until June 24, 2023
From 08:30 until 12:30
Strasbourg, France

Image - Pixabay

The University of Strasbourg (France), through its Linguistics, Languages and Speech Research Unit 1339 LiLPa, as well as Georges Kleiber's USIAS Chair of Language Sciences (University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study), and the University of Haute-Alsace (France), through its Institute for Research in European Languages and Literatures (ILLE, Research Unit 4363), are collaborating in the organisation of the fifth edition of the international colloquium of language sciences "Perception in Language and Discourse (PLD)", which will be held in Strasbourg from 21 to 24 June 2023.

The meeting will focus on perception in language, discourse and speech, a theme that will be approached from various linguistic angles, be they grammatical, morphological, syntactic, semantic, pragmatic, discursive, logical, cognitive, phonetic, sociolinguistic, psycholinguistic, etc. The general objective of the colloquium will be to examine the question of how language deals with perceptions, in terms of apprehension, feeling, understanding, analysis, construction, profiling, transmission and reception, in an attempt to clarify the still blurred contours of the linguistic expression of perception and related phenomena, to deepen the study of known properties or specificities, and even to bring new ones to light. More specifically, it will be a question of bringing out the duality of the ontologies of perception (sensory vs. intellectual), based on the observation of the way they are inscribed in language.

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