Université de Strasbourg

Current and upcoming events

Public lecture - Behind, in front of and around the mirror: Self-recognition in primates

December 7, 2023
From 15:30 until 17:00
Salle de conférence, ISIS, Strasbourg

By James R. Anderson, Kyoto University, Japan The daily use of a mirror to check our appearance is evidence of our ability to recognise ourselves. For example, we all have one or more mental...[more]

Fellows seminar - end of the year

December 19, 2023
From 14:30 until 17:00

More information to follow soon[more]

USIAS Annual Symposium

January 26, 2024
From 15:00 until 17:00

With a keynote lecture by Jean-Jacques Hublin, Chair of Paleoanthropology at the Collège de France. More information to follow soon[more]

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