Université de Strasbourg

Yoshihiro Yuasa

Yoshihiro YUASA obtained his PhD degree at the 2004 Osaka University, Japan, then started as a Post-Doctoral fellow at National Institute of Genetic, Japan. During the course of his PhD and Post Doc he focused on glial development and function in Drosophila. In December 2011 he joined the laboratory of Dr Angela GIANGRANDE's at the IGBMC, at ILLKIRCH (Strasbourg). Since his arrival Dr YUASA has worked on a novel molecular pathway in the mouse immune system that is conserved throughout evolution. One of his goals is to assess the role of this pathway in microglia, immune cells that act as the resident macrophages of the nervous system. Immune, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system represent a heavy burden for our societies, understanding the underlying physiopathological mechanisms represents one of the most exciting issues in the area of neurobiology.

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