Université de Strasbourg

Nadia Mazzaro

MazarroNadia Mazzaro studied Biotechnology at the University of Naples Federico II and then Ishereceived the MSc in Medical Biotechnology. After that, in 2013 she obtained my PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Genoa. For her doctoral studies she worked at the Italian Institute of Technology, in the Lab of Laura Gasparini. Here she investigated the role of tau protein in the retina degeneration, specifically investigating the functional and biochemical pathways involved. In January 2015 she joined the Lab of Dr Marie-Paule Felder-Schmittbuhl, where she is currently involved in a project focused on the role of light regulation of retinal clocks, investigating the contributions of different photoreceptors in these processes.

USIAS Project :Light regulation of retinal clocks : from cell to visual function

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