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Mai Iwasaki

Mai Iwasaki was born in 1984 in Kawasaki (Japan). She received BSc in Biology at the University of Waseda, studying amphibian hematopoietic cytokine with molecular biological technique under the supervision of Prof. Takashi Kato. Next she received MSc in Biosciences & Informatics at Keio University Graduate School for the study on neural activity concerning the recognition of social interaction, under the supervision of Prof. Kotaro Oka. She continued research on the neural activity concerning the recognition of interactive social communication during the development of songbird’s life-long pair bond, at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Dr. Neal Hessler’s lab. Based on the study, she received PhD in Neuroscience. After that, she worked as a research assistant for two years in Dr. Joshua Johansen’s lab in RIKEN Brainscience Institute whrere fear memory formation is studied. In November 2015 she joined the Lab of Dr. Alexandre Charlet as a postdoctoral fellow with the support from USIAS. Her current project focuses on the role of oxytocinergic release in the midbrain and its potential contribution to emotional and  autonomic regulation.

Projet USIAS : Deciphering the oxytocinergic neuronal population involved in the pain matrix

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