Université de Strasbourg

2023 Fellows

In 2023, the University of Strasbourg’s Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) welcomes 13 new Fellows, who will work on 12 projects. The Fellows represent a wide variety of domains; including medicinal chemistry, neuroscience, biophysics, material chemistry, astrophysics and biosystems chemistry in the life sciences and natural sciences; and history, sociology, medieval studies, literature and ethnomusicology in the social sciences and humanities.

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A full list of the projects can be found here

Marie Balas - Sociology of commitment & rescue work
Michel Barrot - Neuroscience & dopamine systems
Line Bourel - Medicinal chemistry & chemical biology
Samuel Dagorne - Organometallic chemistry & catalysis
Dina Khapaeva - Slavic studies & memory studies
Siv Lie - Ethnomusicology & linguistic anthropology
Florent Renaud - Astrophysics & formation of galaxies
Daniel Riveline - Biological physics & self-organisation in living matter
Meghan Roberts - History of 18th century France
Vladimir Torbeev - Chemical biology
Madeline Vauthier - Material chemistry & polymers
Rudolf Wehmschulte - Organometallic chemistry & cations
Marie-Sophie Winter - Medieval German studies
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