Université de Strasbourg

2022 Fellows

The 15 2022 Fellows include biologists, ecophysiologists and neuroscientists from the life sciences, as well as art historians, literary scholars and philosophers from the fields of social sciences and humanities, and geoscientists, mathematicians and chemists from the natural sciences.

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Claudia Bonfio - Prebiotic & supramolecular chemistry
Raphaël Côte - Mathematics – dynamics of partial differential equations
Martha Cary Eppes - Geosciences & earth surface processes
Lie Fu - Mathematics & algebraic geometry
Arvind Kumar - Computational neuroscience & brain dynamics
Benedikt Lassalle - Physical chemistry
Yvon Le Maho - Ecophysiology
Édouard Mehl - Modern and contemporary philosophy & phenomenology
Victor Planas-Bielsa - Applied mathematics & machine learning
Éric Pollet - Chemistry & polymers
Shankar Raman - Literary studies & history of mathematics
Julie Ramos - Art history (19th – 20th century)
Thomas Sexton - Molecular biology
Jean-Baptiste Sortais - Chemistry & organometallic homogeneous catalysis
Albert Weixlbaumer - Molecular biology, life sciences & structural biology
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