Université de Strasbourg

2021 Fellows

The 2021 Fellows work on a broad range of topics, including the role of poetry in medieval China, new ways of studying ice sheets with seismological technology, the role of immune cells in metabolic activity, breaking the barriers of studying super heavy elements, and the role of neural plasticity in the emergence of new species.

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A full list of the projects can be found here.

Marie Bizais-Lillig - Chinese studies
Vladimir Dotsenko - Mathematics & algebraic topology
Olaf Eisen - Glaciology & geosciences
Benoît Gall - Nuclear physics & super heavy elements
Angela Giangrande - Genetics, developmental biology, immunity & neurobiology
Sylvain Hugel - Neurobiology & zoology
Mickaël Labbé - Ecology & social philosophy
Isabelle Marc - French popular music & gender studies
Christophe Michon - Organometallic and organic chemistry
Nacho Molina - Computational biology
Tina Mukherjee - Developmental biology, genetics & metabolism
Alexandru Oancea - Mathematics & symplectic topology
Cuong Pham-Huu - Materials & catalysis
Todd Reeser - Gender and French cultural studies
Claude Sauter - Biochemistry & biocatalysis
Patrick Schultz - Structural biology & transcription
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