Université de Strasbourg

2019 Fellows

The 12 projects awarded in 2019 involve 15 high-level academics. Some of these researchers come from afar (from Brazil and the United States, for example) and others from the Strasbourg campus. They will all work on their individual projects that are focused on a variety of subjects from all scientific fields, including innovative opto-nano-tweezers, the history of the book, mitochondrial dysfunction, digital archaeology, quantum systems, and new perspectives on neurodegenerative disease.

To discover more about the fellows and their projects, please click on the photos.

A full list of the projects can be found here.

Stéphane Baudron - Supramolecular & coordination chemistry
Jérôme Beauchez - Sociology & anthropology
Ada Bronowski - Philosophy
Frédéric Colin - Egyptology
Bertrand Dupé - Physics & materials science
Luc Dupuis - Neuroscience
Christelle Golzio - Human genetics
Thomas Grutter - Biochemistry, biophysics & chemical biology
Lianne Habinek - English literature & history of science
Benoît Louis - Catalysis
João Marques - Immunology
Manuel Mendoza - Cell biology
Nikolay Prokof’ev - Condensed matter physics
Hélène Puccio - Molecular biology & pathophysiology
Guido Pupillo - Atomic & molecular physics
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