Université de Strasbourg

2018 Fellows

The 15 projects awarded as 2018 USIAS Fellowships involve 17 high-level academics. Some of these researchers come from afar (from Australia and Colombia, for example) and others from the Strasbourg campus. They will all work on their individual projects that are focused on a variety of subjects from all scientific fields, ranging from chiral thermodynamics to geoengineering, from the effects of social stress on squirrels to George Sand's poetics of genius, to name but a few.

To discover more about the fellows and their projects, please click on the photos.

A full list of the projects can be found here.

Stephen Dobson – Evolutionary biology
Matthias Dörries – History of science
Cyriaque Genet – Physics & chirality
Petra Hellwig – Biophysical chemistry
Isabelle Hoog Naginski - French and comparative literature
Bruno Klaholz – Structural biology
Wojciech Krezel – Retinoid biology
Aggée Célestin Lomo Myazhiom – History & socio-anthropology
Nicolas Matt - Developmental biology & innate immunity
Frédéric Reichhart – Sociology & socio-anthropology
Jacob Rogozinski - Philosophy
Michael Ryckelynck - Microfluidics & molecular biology
Florent Schaffhauser - Differential Geometry
Adrian-Mihail Stadler – Chemistry & molecular machines
Cosima Stubenrauch – Physical chemistry
Tijana Vujosevic – History of the built environment
Alain Wagner – Chemical biology
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