Université de Strasbourg

2017 FRIAS-USIAS Fellows

USIAS has a joint programme with the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS), which aims to support collaboration between the universities of Freiburg and Strasbourg through a biennial call for proposals. In 2017, three projects were selected with a total of eight Fellows.

To find out more about the fellows and their common research projet, click on their photo.

Jean Bérard - Mathematic modeling & probability
Ernst Eberlein - Financial mathematics
Karl-Théodor Eisele - Financial & actuarial mathematics
Nicolas Giuseppone - Functional materials
Wolfgang Hess - Bioinformatics & experimental RNA biology
Pascale Romby - Bioinformatics & experimental RNA biology
Thorsten Schmidt - Mathematics & stochastics
Andreas Walther - Functional polymers
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