Université de Strasbourg

2017 Fellows

In 2017, a total of 13 projets were selected, with 15 Fellows coming from Strasbourg and the rest of the world. The projects cover a large spectrum of disciplines and research topics, opening up exciting new perspectives and approaches. Projects have been chosen for their originality and excellence and will contribute to the vibrant and rich scientific community at the University of Strasbourg.

To find out more about each fellow and his or her project, click on their photo.

Moreno Andreatta - Mathematics & musicology
Ursula Apitzsch - Migration studies
Florian Banhart - Electron microscopy
Françoise Dantzer - Biochemistry & molecular biology
Luisa De Cola - Supramolecular and biomaterials chemistry
Hajime Fukui - Cell biology
Boris Hipployte - Subatomic physics
Alan Kirman - Economics
Thomas LaGrange - Electron microscopy
Anthony Mangeon - African studies
Silvana Perretta - Gastro-intestinology
David Pritchard - Greek history
Roméo Ricci - Cell biology
Joseph Schacherer - Genetics and genomics
Shannon Whitlock - Quantum physics
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