Université de Strasbourg

Jean Schmittbuhl


Jean Schmittbuhl is a senior CNRS research scientist at EOST, University of Strasbourg/CNRS since 2004. He has a Geology and Geophysics background together with the Natural Sciences Agrégation. He prepared his Physics PhD at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris. After a post-doc at the Physics department of Oslo, he was offered a CNRS position at ENS Paris in 1995 where he developed original analogue experiments for multi-scale approaches for studying fracture, friction and fluid flow processes along faults. He has also developed related numerical modelling for close comparisons with experimental results. In 2004 he joined IPGS at Strasbourg University.  His main scientific focus is on seismology and rock physics applied to fault mechanics and reservoir modelling. More recently he has been involved in the micro-seismicity monitoring along the North Anatolian fault and its interpretation in terms of seismic and aseismic activity. Since 2012, he is in charge of the Labex G-eau-thermie Profonde, dedicated to deep geothermal energy in Alsace.

As part of his fellowship, Jean Schmittbuhl is working on Micro-seismicity in the Marmara Sea: a unique tracer for North Anatolian Fault deformation, together with his collaborator Hayrullah Karabulut.

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