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Hayrullah Karabulut


Hayrullah Karabulut is a Professor of Geophysics at the Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute of Bogazici University in Istanbul. He received his BS in geophysics from the Technical University of Istanbul, Master degree from Colorado School of Mines and PhD from the University of Texas in 1996. He is teaching several Ms and PhD courses related to seismic data processing, modeling and inversion of seismic data at the Bogazici University and involved in several research projects. His area of interest is seismic networks, seismic data processing, seismic tomography, fault zone observations, seismicity and geodynamics. His recent works include two seismic networks installed in cooperation with the French institutions. A regional scale temporary seismic network was installed between 2007-2009 in western Anatolia and Aegean region (SIMBAAD experiment with Anne Paul and Denis Hatzfeld, ISTerre, Grenoble) for the imaging of the upper mantle structure beneath Anatolian-Aegean domain. The most recent work is related to the seismic hazard in the Marmara Sea. A real time seismic monitoring system was installed around the Cinarcik basin in cooperation with IPGS and ISTerre.  The principal objective of the work in Marmara Sea is to look into the changes in the fault zone before the expected large earthquake. For this, both the seismicity and seismic velocity perturbations are monitored.     

As part of his fellowship, Hayrullah Karabulut is working on Micro-seismicity in the Marmara Sea: a unique tracer for North Anatolian Fault deformation, together with his collaborator Jean Schmittbuhl.

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