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David Pritchard

David Pritchard

David Pritchard is Senior Lecturer in Greek History at the University of Queensland in Australia. He has held research fellowships at the universities of Cincinnati, Copenhagen and Sydney. In 2015 he was Research Fellow in Durham University’s Institute of Advanced Study. In 2014 Dr Pritchard was Visiting Scholar in Greek History at Brown University. In 2013 he was the Charles Gordon Mackay Lecturer in Greek at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr Pritchard has authored Sport, Democracy and War in Classical Athens (Cambridge: 2013) and Public Spending and Democracy in Classical Athens (University of Texas Press: 2015), edited War, Democracy and Culture in Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press: 2010), and co-edited Sport and Festival in the Ancient Greek World (Classical Press of Wales: 2003). At the University of Strasbourg he is completing for Cambridge University Press a monograph on the armed forces of democratic Athens.

As part of his fellowship, David Pritchard is working on the project War and Democracy in Ancient Athens and Today.

During his Fellowship, David Pritchard has published several popular pieces in French (link), English (link) and German (link) media about the Olympic Games, drawing comparisons with the Olympics in ancient times.

In October 2016, Cambridge University Press has offered Dr Pritchard a contract for his 3rd sole-authored book based largely on his USIAS research, which will be titled Athenian Democracy at War.


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