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Michael Coey

Michael CoeyMichael Coey is Professor Emeritus in the School of Physics at Trinity College, Dublin where he previously held the Erasmus Smith’s Chair of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. He leads the Magnetism and Spin Electronics group at TCD. An authority on magnetism and its applications, his contributions include a systematic investigation of magnetism in amorphous solids, magnetic order in minerals, the discovery of interstitial hard magnets, work on the relation between magnetism and charge transport in conducting oxides and development of the field of magnetoelectrochemistry. Ireland's most cited physicist, Michael Coey is the author of 650 scientific papers, 20 patents and several books, including Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, (Cambridge University Press, 2010). He founded Magnetic Solutions Ltd, the TCD Science Gallery and was a promoter of CRANN, Ireland’s Nanoscience Research Centre. His honours include fellowship of the Royal Society, Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, and an honorary degree from the University of Grenoble. He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Irish Academy in 2005 for his contributions to magnetism. Current research is focused on spin-dependent electron transport, magnetic nanostructures, magnetoelectrochemistry and novel magnetic materials.

As part of his Fellowship, Michael Coey is working on the project Microfluidics without walls with his collaborators Bernard Doudin and Thomas Hermans.

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