Université de Strasbourg

Marie-Paule Felder-Schmittbuhl

Marie-Paule FelderMarie-Paule Felder is a CNRS assistant professor at the Institute for Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences in Strasbourg. She’s got a molecular biology and biochemistry training acquired at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan and a PhD in Virology from the University Paris 7 obtained in 1994. She started her research carrier in the laboratory of Dr Calothy, at the Curie Institute, where she studied cellular and retrovirally-induced oncogenic processes by using as a model the retina. Her activity later focused on a family of nuclear oncogenes, the Maf/Nrl transcription factors, playing various roles in development, in particular in the eye. Since she joined the Neurobiology of Rhythms Department in Strasbourg in 2005, she’s been investigating how vision adapts to the day/night cycle. Therefore, she is studying the tissue and cellular-level organization and molecular mechanisms of the circadian clock located in the retina, as well as its target genes required for retina survival and function.

As part of her Fellowship, Marie-Paule Felder Schmittbuhl is working on the project Light regulation of retinal clocks : from cell to visual function.

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