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Lionel Obadia

Lionel Obadia Lionel Obadia, Ph-D, is Professor in Anthropology at the University of Lyon 2, France, where he is part of the Laboratory of Historical Research (LARHRA). He is specialized in religious studies, anthropology and sociology of religion. After a Ph-D on Buddhism in France and in the West, he has studied Buddhism, shamanism and witchcraft in Asia, mainly Nepal. He has recently conducted research on Jewish Messianic movement in Europe, US and Israel, and football (soccer) in a religious perspective in France. He has also examined epistemological and methodological issues in religious studies. He is the author of ten books (Marchandisation de Dieu, 2013, Anthropologie des religions, 2007, translated in Greek and Portuguese, reedited 2012, Religion, 2004, translated in Korean, Sorcellerie, 2004, Le bouddhisme en Occident, 2007, translated in Italian, and others in English like The Economics of Religion with Donald Wood, Emerald, 2011) and more than one hundred chapters and articles in French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German.

As part of his Fellowship, Lionel Obadia is working on the project (Re)thinking religious in the plural : towards a new anthropological history of the forms and dynamics of religion.

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