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Hélène Meunier

Helene MeunierHélène Meunier is Research Engineer (IR1) in the Laboratory of Cognitive and Adaptative Neurosciences (LNCA, UMR 7364) and she is in charge of scientific research and animal welfare at the Primate Centre of Strasbourg University. After a Ph.D. defended in 2007 that she conducted between the Université libre de Bruxelles and Strasbourg University, Hélène Meunier went to Costa Rica for a first post-doctoral research in collaboration with the Professor Perry, University of California Los Angeles, funded by the Fyssen Foundation. In 2009, she came back in France for conducting a second post-doc, funded by the ANR (The French National Research Agency), with Professor Vauclair from Aix-Marseille University. She went back to Strasbourg University when she got her position at the Primate Centre.

Hélène Meunier received several awards for her Ph.D., participated in two projects funded by the ANR, and has recently obtained funding from the ADUEIS. She teaches in Master of Neurosciences and she is in charge of several continuing educations at the University of Strasbourg. Hélène Meunier is also referent in France for the European project EUPRIM-Net, she is a member of several scientific societies and is invested as treasurer in the Francophone Society of Primatology (SFDP). Her research focuses mainly on cognitive and behavioural neurosciences in primates and she works particularly on social cognition and the Theory of Mind origins.

As part of her Fellowship, Hélène Meunier is working on the project Comparative study between human infants and nonhuman primates on the track of the "Theory of Mind" precursors - Discrimination of prosocial versus antisocial behaviours.

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