Université de Strasbourg

Alexandre Charlet

Alexandre CharletAlexandre Charlet is a young CNRS investigator (CR2) at the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences (INCI CNRS UPR 3212). In 2006, he joined Pr. Pierrick Poisbeau’s team for a PhD based on the evaluation of spontaneous pain through the analysis of autonomous nervous system. He defends his PhD in 2009, awarded by the Chantal Autissier award from the AFSTAL. He then comes to Dr. Ron Stoop lab to study the modulation of amygdala microcircuitery by central oxytocin and build up a strong collaboration with De. Valery Grinevich from Heidelberg in order to develop the requested optogenetics tools in order to study the function of endogenous oxytocin. These works were awarded by the Swiss Society for Biological Society in 2012 and by the French Académie Nationale de Médecine in 2013. He is finally recruited by CNRS in 2013 and study, in a first project granted by IASP (Early Career Research Grant), Europe (FP7 Career Integration Grant) and IDEX (Attractivity), the contribution of the neuron-glia interactions to the oxytocinergic modulation of amygdala circuits.

As part of  his USIAS fellowship, Alexandre Charlet is working on the project Deciphering the oxytocinergic neuronal population involved in the pain matrix.


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